Office Policies

Welcome to Total Care Pediatric. We are pleased that you have chosen Total Care Pediatric as your child’s medical home. Our goal is to impart and maintain a good provider-patient relationship. Familiarizing you in advance of our office policy gives way for a good flow of communication and enables us to achieve our goal. Please read each section carefully and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.


  • Total Care Pediatric is a pro-vaccination office. We follow the immunization requirements outlined by the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics. We strongly feel the need to protect our patients and want our office to be a safe environment for all. If this philosophy does not match yours, we ask you to find an alternative office that better matches your personal decisions.

Scheduling Appointments:

  • You can schedule an appointment by calling 718-353-2300 or through our website.
    We understand that it is hard to predict when your child will get sick, which is why we try to accommodate walk-ins if our schedules allows.
  • Please understand that a fee of $20 will be applied to your account for each no-show or for each same day (less than 24 hours) cancellation.
  • Please be on time for your appointment. Make sure to have your insurance card and necessary copayment.

After-hours Call Service:

  • Please call 911 for any life-threatening emergencies.
  • Total Care Pediatric provides 24-hour call coverage for non-emergency, but urgent medical matters that can’t wait until the next business day.
  • Please limit after-hour calls to urgent issues.
  • You can refer to our websites for common illness and common medication dosages.

Financial and Insurance:

  • It is up to you to understand how your insurance works. Patients will be responsible for all non-covered services or services applied to the insurance deductible designated by your insurance as “Patient Responsibility” (ex. in-house lab, diagnostics labs, hearing screenings, vision screenings, etc.).
  • Payment of your copay is expected at the time of service. This is required by your insurance. We accept cash and credit card.
  • For newborns, it is advisable to notify your insurance company of your baby’s birth and that you have selected us as your child’s physician. Some policies will not cover the expenses for your baby unless notified within 30 days of birth.
  • We also require that you notify us any time a change is made to your insurance.

Prescriptions and Refills:

  • Please allow at least 24 hour notice if you need a prescription refill or referral. Please note you can always purchase certain medications such as Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl, Claritin, Zyrtec, Hydrocortisone, and their generics over the counter without a doctor’s prescription.

Camp and School Forms:

  • With each routine annual physical, a child health form completed with immunizations will be given to you free of charge within 6 months of the annual physical. Please review the form before leaving the office for accuracy of the information. Please keep this form in a safe place and make copies to attach to each school, after-school and camp form as needed. Any additional school forms after the 6 months mark will incur a $5 fee.
  • Letter required by the IRS will incur a fee of $10 regardless of physical exam.
  • Completing forms is very, very time consuming for the staff and physicians. When dropping off forms, always put the child’s name and date of birth on each page of the form.
  • No forms will be completed without a physical examination in our office within the past year.


  • Referrals must be requested at least 3 days prior to your appointment unless the visit is an emergency. If you do not request a referral prior to seeing a specialist, we will not backdate a referral. This violates our contract with the insurance company. Without a valid referral you could be responsible for payment of any charges incurred at the specialist’s office. It is your responsibility to know if a selected specialist participates with your plan.

Transfer of Medical Records:

  • If you are transferring to another physician, we will provide a copy of patient’s immunization record, and most recent well child exam free of charge. We do require at least 48 hours notice in order to process the medical records needed. Please note, you have access to your child’s lab results and immunization records via our patient portal at